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Research Fields




  FRP composites and technologies, maintenance and life-cycle engineering such as performance enhancement and hybridization, innovation of repairing, strengthening and upgrading techniques for existing infrastructure, construction of innovative hybrid FRP-concrete structures, damage controlled structural systems, and long-span bridges with FRP composites.

  Fibre optic and advanced sensors technology, structural health monitoring and control, and smart materials, structures and infrastructure systems such as development of advanced optic fiber sensors and carbon sensors, bio-inspired technologies and early damage prognosis and structural vulnerability assessment system

  Sustainable materials and energy conservation technologies such as high performance hybrid insulators and super-efficient and innovative latent heat storage and humidity-controlled materials

  Computational fracture and failure mechanics of composite materials and structures such as constitutive theories on quasi brittle, heterogeneous and composite materials and modeling of crack, debonding, faulting discontinuity


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