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Concurrent Service, Social Contribution and Miscellaneous



Senior Researcher (Concurrently) at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) of Japan from 1997 to 2005

Director(Concurrently), International Institute for Urban System Engineering, Southeast University, 2006-2009


Dean(Concurrently), International Institute for Urban System Engineering, Southeast University, 2010-Date


Director(Concurrently), Advanced Computational Engineering Institute For Earth Environment (ACEI), Nanjing University, 1998- Date


Director(Concurrently), Research & Development Center for Basalt Fiber, Southeast University, 2007- Date


Director(Concurrently), Jangsu Engineering Research Center for Basalt Fibers and Composites, Southeast University, 2009- Date


Director(Concurrently),Engineering Research Center for Building Energy Environments &Equipments, Ministry of Education(BEEE),2009- Date


Concurrent Principal Researcher, National Project on Earth Simulator (1997-2002), Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology (former Science and Technology Agency of Japan)

Member of Research Promotion Committee on Priority Research Program on All-round Analysis Techniques for Crustal Activity Observation Data, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Tranport (former Ministry Construction, Japan)

Member of Research Advisory Committee of ICMIRC (Innovative Construction Materials International Research Center), Ottawa University, Canada

Assessor and Current Professor of Chinese Academy of Science

Member of the Board of Director of Chinese High Technical and Industrial Association

000Associate Editor, ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering

Editorial Member of International Journals, 'Information' and 'Asia Information Science -Life'


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