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Basic courses

Subjects in the first year
・Introduction to urban and civil engineering

Subjects in the second year
・Applied mathematics
・Design in urban and civil engineering
・Information processing

Subjects in the third year
・Experiment in urban and civil engineering
・Practical work of civil engineering

Subjects related to construction
・Steel and bridge structures
・Theory of structures
・Construction structures
・Earthquake and vibrating engineering
・Structural engineering
・Coastal engineering
・Water environmental engineering
・Foundation engineering
・Overview of architectonics

Subjects related to urban systems planning
・Planning theory for civil engineering
・Global environment engineering
・Landscape planning
・Urban and regional planning
・Traffic systems
・Water and wastewater engineering
・Coastal environment management
・Social systems analysis
・Spatial design
・Geomatic engineering
・Traffic facilities engineering

Subjects in the fourth year
・Graduation Research