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Graduated school of science and engineering
Master's program
Major in urban and civil engineering

Degree : Master of engineering
Fields of Studies
Structural mechanics and analysis

・Soil and foundation engineering
・Construction materials engineering
・Structural design
・Construction management
・Earthquake Engineering
・Coastal engineering

This field of studies offers an academic discipline for constructing different structures that form the urban systems. In consist of fundamental mechanics characteristics of construction materials, design methods of structures, natural external forces such as earthquakes, water flows and waves, methods of construction and construction management.

Fields of Studies Urban System Planning
・Infrastructure planning
・Infrastructure engineering
・Environmental engineering
・Disaster prevention and mitigation engineering
・Socio-economics systems
・Urban space design
・Construction design

This field of studies offers an academic discipline to elucidate characteristics, structures and function of urban systems to create a comprehensive environment in which human beings can live safety, comfortably and creatively. Components of this discipline are socio-economic analysis, planning and management of urban systems, understanding and functional planning of sub-systems such as land use, transportation, urban information and environments, disaster prevention and landscape space design techniques.