Entrance Examination
to the Department

Foreign students based on Private Fund
Date : 09 Feb. 2007

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Professor Tatsuya Numao[Director of the Department]
Creation of '‘Safety'', ''Environment'' and ''Comfort'' is necessary for the future of the urban environment.
At the Department of Urban and Civil Engineering, for the ''creation of safety'', you will study theories and practices of the design and construction of civil infrastructure with a strong but flexible foundation: structural management systems, and the mitigation, prevention and control of earthquake disasters.
For the ''creation of environment'', you will investigate causes of environmental destruction, such as global warming and water pollution. You will learn how to create an environment in which human beings can live in harmony with nature.
Additionally, for the ''creation of comfort'', you will learn how to design spaces that maintain the beauty of the natural landscape, in addition to the theory and practice of urban planning.
The particular characteristic of the Department of Urban and Civil Engineering is that although it addresses these subjects separately, it emphasizes the importance of considering urban and space as a total system simultaneously, based on an understanding of the mutual relation among the natural environment, human society, and necessary facilities.t