Yoshiko Uchida
(Alumna & Graduated school student)

The department of Urban and Civil Engineering is where you learn about civil Engineering which is the field of study most closely related to our daily lives. In the 1st year and 3rd years, students will find specific topics of interest through thematical seminars, involving discussion of particular topics in small groups, design exercises with research.
Currently, I'm studying the cover soils of final waste disposal sites among the ground that supports both buildings and people's lives, and find it a very rewarding works.

This is the department that will make you aware of your growth potential.

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At the Department of Urban and Civil Engineering, a wide and well-balanced range of subjects is provided to produce information-oriented construction engineers who are able to cope with advanced methods and technologies. The curriculum is arranged carefully so that each student can easily select classes to suit their own interests. We also strive to ensure that students become familiar with the latest technology and knowledge by providing observation work and seminars. During the 4th year, students will pursue their graduation research under the guidance of a supervising professor, whom the students are able to choose. After graduation, our students are qualified to take professional examinations such as those for civil engineering, construction, land surveying, and civil engineering management.
Main class Subjects
・Urban and Community Planning
・Disaster-prevention systems and Risk Analysis
・Global Environment Engineering

・Coastal Environment Engineering
・Structural Engineering
・Construction Materials Science
・Soil Dynamics
・Transportation Systems

・Landscape Engineering

・Geomatic Engineering

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering